Aragon Int’l Cargo was created on August 1996 with a vision to provide a unique service to customers in Latin America. For an industry that at that time was still unknown to region. Been a wholesaler of Vitamins, supplements, and distributor of private labels, gave us the age to explore the market in both areas as a wholesaler, distributor and air and see cargo consolidator and exporter of products without compromising the integrity of our customers and services. As our company diversifies is services we rebranded the company, and in July 01 2023 Aragon Intl Cargo was rename to open it with a new name and logo as ARAGON LOGISTICS & INSPECTION LLC. This was done to provide a new service to a new area and customers. Providing inspections of cargo and also a service to Real Estate market as home inspectors and commercial inspectors. For costumers that requires inspections of privet and commercial property for the purpose of acquiring such properties.

Our gold still the same as it was in 1996 when we open our doors to Latin America.

Our Partners
Working with teams gives you the edge in the Logistics Market. That’s why is always important to have great partners. Aragon Logistics & inspections LLC has great partners to work with MODALTRADE and ANGUSA LINES two great companies that help ensure grate services with the shipping lines as ANGUSA LINES been one of the biggest shipping company in Latin America. Allows us to provide an excellent service on Ocean shipping and with MODALTRADE providing the access to air cargo is complete. Having the advantage of sharing warehouse space the team work is excellent in service.